Insulation Surveys

We use an infrared thermometer and thermographic camera to locate the bad insulation. We write down all your insulated steam lines and identify missing insulation. Therefore we are able to locate the bad insulation that is not visible to the eye. Each spot of bad insulation is tagged with a numbered metal tag for identification. Upon completion of the survey, you will receive an Excel file with the following information:

  • Header size, pressure, temperature, and measurement of bad insulation in feet.
  • Measurement, description, temperature, and location of all un-insulated steam headers in Excel format
  • We estimate heat loss in PPH and dollar loss.

Definition of Insulation Increase Reliability

PCE Insulation Survey will improve your Steam Systems reliability and save you money.

  • Conserve energy by reducing heat loss.
  • Control surface temperatures for personnel protection and comfort
  • Facilitate temperature control of a process
  • Prevent vapor flow and water condensation on cold surfaces
  • Increase operating efficiency of heating/ventilating/cooling, plumbing, steam, process and power systems found in commercial and industrial installations.
  • Prevent or reduce damage to equipment form exposure to fire or corrosive atmosphere
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