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We are a global leader in energy loss surveys and have over 25 years of experience making your business more efficient. Our professional staff is highly trained and uses state of the art ultrasonic equipment. We work hard to make sure your time and money is well spent and you're as environmentally friendly as possible. Industries worldwide lose millions of dollars annually to undetected air leaks that rob efficiency during manufacturing and processing. Left unchecked dozens, perhaps hundreds, of hard to find points of outflow can and will ultimately add up to extremely costly problems. Want to ensure you’re not losing millions on undetected leaks? Contact us today!

What Our Clients Have to Say...

I would like to take this opportunity to recognize “Petro Chemical Energy” for the invaluable services they have provided ExxonMobil (BRPO) over the last ten years. They have delivered exceptional results and provided us with reports that are prioritized making it easy to identify major cost saving opportunities. The honesty and integrity of their staff is impeccable, but most of all they have performed their work without any Safety incidents or issues. I would highly recommend “Petro Chemical Energy” to anyone interested in a high quality energy survey for their facility regardless of the complexity of the process.

Charles W. Allen
ExxonMobil Chemical
Baton Rouge Polyolefin
Turnaround Manager

“PCE is an outstanding ally in the effort to improve energy efficiency and reduce GHG emissions. We’ve utilized PCE for years at several of our manufacturing facilities and consistently benefit from the surveys and assessments performed.”

Jager Livingston
NA Energy & GHG Advisor
ExxonMobil Product Solutions

I hired Petro Chemical Energy to perform the testing and steam leak surveys for us. I selected Petro Chemical Energy because they are not associated with any trap manufacturer, their testing methods were through, and their documenting was meticulous.

Since working with Petro Chemical Energy our trap failure rate has dropped dramatically and our production loss due to failed traps has decreased a great deal. We have documented $50,000,000 in energy savings directly associated with our trap testing and steam leak surveys.

Kind regards,
Karen Ireson
Eastman Chemical

I have worked with Petro Chemical Energy since 1998. They have delivered exceptional results and value. After years of great service, I have leveraged the company to other locations in our corporation. This has quickly shown success yielding tangible savings for the sites. Petro Chemical Energy is top notch and very customer focused.

Robert Holthouser
Enterprise Reliability Metrics Lead
The Dow Chemical Company

I have utilized Darren and Petro Chemical Energy, Inc. on numerous occasions to perform ultrasonic Steam Leak, Gas Leak and Steam trap surveys. The honesty and integrity of Darren and his staff is second to none and the results and manner in which they are presented make it easy for us to find the issues in the field and rectify them allowing us to quickly recover the cost of the survey.

Yancy Farrow
Director of Energy Management and Sustainability Strategic Initiative
Solutia Inc.

We don’t sell products. Our sole focus is saving you money and increasing reliability by conducting objective objective leak audits.

SAFETY – Our goal is to complete every survey safely and efficiently.

INTEGRITY – Our employees are required to adhere to a strict ethics policy.

ACCOUNTABILITY – Our actions and decisions will adhere to the highest standards of corporate governance.