Steam Leak Surveys

Steam and condensate leaks cost industrial plants millions of dollars in lost energy, while increasing emissions, creating safety hazards, and lowering the reliability of plant operations.

Excess steam loss can result in over-extending your boiler capacity. Once the boiler capacity is reached then the reliability and safety of the entire system is in jeopardy. our survey can identify leaks so that your system is no longer in distress.

  • Petro Chemical Energy uses proprietary testing equipment to locate even the smallest of steam leaks.
  • When we find a leak we hang a numbered metal tag for identification purposes.
  • After all leaks are found, you will receive a detailed Excel report with the location, description, PPH loss and dollar loss per leak.

Partner with the Leading Company in the Industry

Let us use our steam leak surveys to help you save money! After the client repairs the Steam Leak caught by Petro Chemical Energy, our clients were able to shut down boilers.

Increase Reliability

  • Left unchecked, dozen (eve hundreds) of hard-to-find outflow points result in extremely costly problems
  • Audits survey your entire plant and identify up to hundreds of thousands of dollars per year in savings
  • Stop unwanted down time! How much money did you lose last year to down time?
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