Steam Assessments

PCE’s proven, Excel based, “smart” spreadsheet approach to Steam and Condensate Analysis, incorporates built-in models such as steam turbines, steam letdowns, flash drums, deaerators, header balances, pipeline hydraulics, transmission heat losses, and condensate recovery. PCE looks at both mass and energy balances of each header and each condensate system. The models and analysis tools are built with a proprietary, Excel based thermodynamic properties of steam macros.

PCE will first collect sufficient plant data in order to develop overall, as well as individual steam header balances. Based on the uses of steam from the steam header balances, detailed condensate balances will be developed. In all the analyses, the quality of steam through the entire system will be a primary consideration.

The deliverables of the analysis will be a clear identification of the problems, along with high potential improvement approaches, which will be prioritized by estimated expenditures.

Steam Assessment Benefits

  • Mass and Energy Steam Balance
  • Steam Header Balances, Mass, and Energy
  • Boiler Efficiencies
  • Boiler Cycles
  • Condensate Recovery (Volume and Temperature)
  • Boiler Feed Water Quality
  • Deaerator, Boiler Detail Balance
  • Turbine and LD Detail