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About Us

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Air Leak, Nitrogen Leak, Steam Leak and Steam Traps costs the refining, chemical and manufacturing industry millions of dollars in lost revenue annually. The situation, while prevalent industry wide, is particularly critical under circumstances where older and potentially problematic equipment is in daily use. Stand in-house maintenance can, at best, pinpoint only a small percentage of the numerous, often imperceptible leaks that lead to costly and inefficient operation. That’s where Petro Chemical Energy comes in. Using precise, industry standard procedures and state-of-the-art proprietary testing equipment, we survey identify and report all wasteful and expressive air, nitrogen, steam, and stream trap leakage within your plant or facility.

  • We are a global leader in energy loss surveys having over 75 years experience making your businesses more efficient.
  • Highly trained and professional staff
  • State of the art ultra sonic equipment
  • Having uncorrected air leaks and gas leaks cost your business time and money as well as being environmentally unfriendly.

Want to ensure you’re not losing millions on undetected leaks?

Industries worldwide lose millions of dollars annually to undetected air leaks that rob efficiency during manufacturing and processing. Left unchecked dozens, perhaps hundreds, of hard-to-find points of outflow can and will ultimately add up to extremely costly problems. Undetected leaks will be found by conduction a site survey.

Our Sole Focus is saving you money and increasing reliability by conduction objective leak audits.


Our goal is to complete every survey safely and efficiently.


Our employees are required to adhere to a strict ethics policy.


Our actions and decisions will adhere to the highest standards of corporate governance.

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